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All Fountains are Shipped Complete & Ready To Operate, Just Anchor & Plug It In! Quick & Easy Installation. No Special Electric Connection Required. Click on a fountain below to learn more! 

Eagle outdoor floating fountains make any aquatic garden setting COME ALIVE! with the tranquil sounds and visual beauty of moving water.

Eagle Outdoor Floating Pond Fountains are perfect for Residential Lakes & Ponds, Commercial retention ponds or any body of water 42" or more in depth. Our fountains provide both beauty to your pond landscape and aeration of stagnant waters to control algae bloom. Dazzle your friends, neighbors and visitors with this beautiful new addition to your landscape, their compliments will be many. Your fish and other pond inhabitants will enjoy the increased oxygen levels provided by the aeration of your water. Your pond will be cleaner with fewer mosquitoes & less algae bloom.

Don't know which model to buy? Use or Pond Sizer Chart to pick the best fountain for your pond size.

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