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Eagle Fountain Works has been producing high quality, Heavy Duty floating fountains and aerators since 1997.

We manufacture floating lake and pond fountains in 3/4 hp thru 4 hp models. Lighted Fountains are also available in 4 sizes to match your pond.

The birth of Eagle Fountain Works was a result of our founders need for a Heavy Duty fountain for a one acre pond on his property. After searching for a fountain in our local area and on the internet with no acceptable results Bill decided to build his own. In 1997 he owned and operated a heating and air conditioning business and the first Eagle Fountain was built in our sheet metal shop. Our first fountain float was cut from an insulated freezer panel and we used a common sump pump we bought at the local hardware store. Upon seeing the fountain in our pond we had several neighbors ask us to build fountains for their ponds also and so Eagle Fountain Works, Inc. was born. We are a family owned & operated Florida Corporation by 4 brothers, Bill, Russell, Craig and Kirk Blocker.

We learned a lot about fountains in our first years. Through trial and error and overcoming obstacles we finalized our unlighted fountain design in 1997 and although we have considerably upgraded our construction & materials along the way it is the same basic design that we manufacture and sell today. We now have the strongest floats on the market made from dark green 1/4" thick PVC sheet and filled with polystyrene for ultimate buoyancy. Our float is 6" thick. Our Stancor submersible trash pumps give many years of dependable service in dirty retention ponds. That's why we can back our fountains with a 3 year warranty. Our line of lighted fountains was first offered in 2000 and has become very popular with many thousands of units sold and in operation across the USA every day. In all we have over 30,000 fountains operating in various applications throughout the USA, Canada and the Caribbean from Theme Parks to industrial processing plants, resorts, golf courses, City, County and State governments, US Military Installations, mom & pops backyard pond and even NASA Space Center facilities.

Today Eagle Fountains has shipped fountains to all 50 US states and our business continues to grow each year. We have stayed with our dependable rugged design and kept control of our pricing so that most anyone can afford a beautiful fountain to enhance their landscape. Our fountains provide excellent aeration of still waters which improves overall pond health and water clarity while reducing algae bloom.

If you are looking for a beautiful, dependable and Heavy Duty fountain for your pond or lake then you have come to the right place. We stand rock solid behind our fountains because we are in the fountain business for the long haul and we will build your fountains using the best heavy duty components available. We encourage you to compare our fountains to our competitors. Our design, performance, components, warranty, versatility and prices are all superior and we are very proud of our fountains. We don't make cheap $500 fountains because you might buy one and then you would be mad at us really quick! The cheap fountains won't last a year in a retention pond, cheap sump pumps and well pumps just can't take the dirty water conditions, period. If you want a rugged and durable fountain made from BULLDOG grade materials please give us a call at 1-800-351-8814 or 1-800-293-3937.

We look forward to building your fountain!

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