Fountain Warranty

Every Eagle Fountain comes with a manufacturers limited warranty!


Eagle Fountains come with a 3 year manufacturers limited warranty against manufacturing defects only. The warranty does not cover wear out from normal use over time, electrical supply problems, lightning, abuse or misuse. The warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original customer.

CoversDoes Not Cover
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Timer and Controls for 1 year
  • Float platform and pumps: 3 years
  • Misuse or abuse
  • Wear out or normal use over time
  • Wildlife damage or natural disasters

Our EFS1900, EFS2000, EFL190 and EFL250 fountain pumps have a 3 year prorated limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Our EFS3000 and EFL350 pumps have a 3 year limited manufacturing defect prorated warranty. Pumps will be replaced or repaired one time under the warranty at no charge (except shipping cost) upon our inspection and evaluation.

Eagle Fountain Works, Inc. also warranties the fountain floatation body for 3 years and timer controls for 1 year against manufacturing defects and also against cracking, breakage and malfunction while the fountain is in normal use. Do not use an extension cord to power your fountain as voltage drop will occur and damage your pump. DO NOT CUT THE PUMP CORD OR DISASSEMBLE THE PUMP! CUTTING THE PUMP SERVICE CORD OR DISASSEMBLING THE PUMP FOR ANY REASON WILL VOID THE PUMP WARRANTY! WE CANNOT REPAIR DISASSEMBLED PUMPS! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANY REASON!

Misuse & Abuse

Misuse and abuse include running the pump in a pond with low water level so that the pump sucks mud off the pond bottom and causes seal failure. If your pond water is 4 feet deep or less, turn off the fountain before your pump gets in the mud and eats up the seals/bearings! Pump seals are a normal wear part, are excluded and are not a warranty item under any circumstances. 24/7 operation will shorten the seal life of any pump.

Intentional abuse or misuse of the fountain or its components in any way will void all warranties. Eagle fountains are intended to be used only in freshwater and operated on a timer controlled circuit for 10 to14 hours per day. DO NOT OPERATE ANY EAGLE FOUNTAIN IN SWIMMING POOLS OR SPAS OR WHEN BATHERS ARE PRESENT. DO NOT SWIM NEAR FOUNTAIN! ANCHOR ROPE ATTACHED! Eagle Fountains are not intended for use in saltwater or in any body of water where water temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Always keep fountain pump at least one foot above ground level so that sand and debris are not pulled directly into pump inlet.

Damage Caused by Wildlife & Nature

In addition any animal chews to the service cord are not covered under the warranty. If you have muskrats/beavers in your area then please protect your power cord by putting it inside a section of heavy duty garden hose. Power surges, pumps operated using extension cords, lightning strikes or any failure of any component do to misuse or acts of God are not covered under the warranty.

Warranty Issuance

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Upon receipt we will inspect any returned item and determine if the item is defective under the warranty. If the item is determined to be defective under the warranty then Eagle Fountains will repair or replace the covered part at no cost for the covered part. However if additional items are required to complete the repair or replacement such as service cord, float, splice kits, plugs, piping, spray heads, etc. then these items will be charged to the customer. Light bulbs in our EFL lighted fountains are not covered under the warranty, as these are normal replacement items.

Eagle Fountains warranties our fountains and their component parts only. By purchasing any product from Eagle Fountains the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of this warranty statement in its entirety and further agrees to hold Eagle Fountain Works, Inc. harmless for any personal injury or collateral property damage of any kind whatsoever resulting from the use of any product sold by Eagle Fountain Works, Inc.

The fountain warranty starts from the date the fountain is shipped to the customer. No other warranty expressed or implied will take precedence over the conditions of this written and published warranty statement.

All fountain components (excluding pumps & service cord) are made of heavy duty PVC to assure years of rugged, dependable service. If it becomes necessary to return a fountain or a fountain component for any reason CALL 1-800-351-8814 BEFORE YOU SHIP THE RETURN! Buyer is responsible for all shipping/packaging costs associated with the return.

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