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Eagle Fountain Pond Fountains Testimonials

We Love Our Fountain

It was easy to install and we love our fountain and will be getting another one in the future as soon as our house gets built. Thanks, Jimmy, Converse, LA

Thanks for the super service

Thanks for the super service. Very prompt. We received our fountain on Wednesday and the boy's installed and had it running Friday the 20th. Everyone thinks it's great. I want to thank you again and if there is anything else we might add, I'll give you a call! - Bob L.

It was easy to install

We are very pleased with our new fountain. It was easy to install and it was very pleasant dealing with you on the phone. I will probably have a couple more people ordering from you. - Brad

Really shows up neat!

Just wanted to let you know that we did get our fountain installed. It looks really pretty out there in the middle of our pond. In the mornings when the sun is first coming up it really shows up neat! We got it installed before our company arrived and they also were impressed! I am sure we will get a lot of enjoyment from our enclosed porch that's up on a hill and overlooks the pond. - Harold and Dee

Had a fountain previously that cost almost twice as much, but wasn't half the quality

I installed my fountain a week ago and we are extremely pleased with it. The spray head fountain is in a lagoon situated directly behind our house. The lagoon is about an acre and a half and the fountain is a perfect size. My wife and I were surprised at the height of the fountain, easily over 20 feet with at least a 30' foot spray pattern! We had a fountain previously that cost almost twice as much, but wasn't half the quality of your fountain. Thanks for a truly great product. - David C.

It is wonderful

Put fountain in service today & it is wonderful - exactly like you said. In retrospect I wish I had ordered the lighted fountain, but we can always add it later. Oh by the way, the cord length is perfect. Thanks again! - JE

Great for wildlife

We just recently put our fountain back into our pond following a long winter. Last year we got nesting mallards after we got the fountain. This year, so far, we have two sets of mallards, and three pairs of wood ducks, plus so many other new birds, etc.-too many to mention! The fountain is great for wildlife. Never knew there were so many kinds of dragonflies, and that there could be so few mosquitoes around a pond. We are sending people your way! The people who visit our motel and restaurant really enjoy the atmosphere the fountain provides! Thanks, again! - Dennis K. and Carole M.

I have just purchased a second one

I purchased one of the lighted fountains. It has help with the surface algae control and water clarity. I have been extremely pleased the service you have given over the phone and supplying the information I needed to make a decision as to the fountain size/cord length. I like the fountain so much that I have just purchased a second one. - WD

My fish thank you

Received the fountain, had it hooked up in 15 mins, it is BEAUTIFUL, my fish thank you, I thank you, my neighbors love the ambiance the fountain has provided, have thousands of campers each year here in Ky, and am sure to refer many new customers. - Carl

Our lake has cleared of algae

In December last year I purchased a model EFS2000 fountain and I am delighted with it's performance. Our lake has cleared of algae and the fountain is very beautiful. I have taken a few pictures at various times. I am sending three of them to you, to use however you wish. You have a great product. - Wayne C.

Looks fantastic

Just wanted you to know that we are very pleased with the fountain that we purchased from your company. Once we read the directions it clearly states not to connect GFI to GFI.. So after we corrected that.. the fountain has been running ever since and it looks fantastic. All of the association members are loving it too. Thanks again for a great product. - Larry Y.

The rainbow that the water and sun creates

The fountain we bought from you back in October is installed (finally) and looks beautiful plus it enhances the pond a great deal. The rainbow that the water and sun creates is very eye catching. I will recommend your fountains to everyone and many thanks for your help in making our campground pond a thing of beauty. - James B.

You lied !!! It was easier than you said

Received the fountain lied !!! It was easier than you said. Had it unboxed in ten minutes...took five to install lights. Five to haul down to pond and ten to place in pond and hook up the electricity ( already had it in place) Perfect size and looks great a night. Had two phone calls from neighbors the first night. Thanks! - Bill F.

How much nicer our pond looks now

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your help with my recent order. We installed the fountain this morning and I have received several compliments on how much nicer our pond looks now. I will definitely recommend your products to anyone that is interested in beautifying their pond or water garden. - Steven M.

Took me less than 15 minutes to put together

Just had to send you a quick note to say that the fountain arrived UPS Wednesday, 7/10, around 4:15 p.m. It was about 96 degrees outside and spitting rain (for the first time in 6 weeks).....I knew it would be too much to try and install the fountain at that point. Around 6:30 pm, I couldn't stand it any longer so out I went and carried the fountain down to the boat on our pond, got two bricks and rowed out to the center. I am a 56 year old woman and once I got out on the pond, it took me less than 15 minutes to put together and put in the water. I quickly rowed back to shore stringing the cord as I went, plugged it in and WOW, what a beautiful sight! It has been running steady ever since. - Brenda W. and Guenther S.

It Finally Gave Up the Ghost

I purchased the EFS 1900 pond fountain from Eagle Fountain Works in June of 2004 (almost 11 years ago) for our retention and fishing pond in our mobile home park. It finally quit last week, Feb. 3, 2015. I am amazed that it lasted that long. My tenants and the geese that visit the pond daily are already complaining. I'll be contacting you soon about a replacement. - Mitchell Manor Mobile Home Park

Received it the day after you shipped it out

Just wanted to drop you a line on how pleased we are with the fountain. I received it the day after you shipped it out. It was so easy to install and is exactly what we were hoping for. - Beth R.

Love it!

Pump arrived and looks great installed and running. I look forward to seeing your alternative spray pattern/diffusers. - Greg S.

Thank you for such a wonderful, affordable product!

My wife was quite skeptical of me purchasing a fountain, and questioned me on spending the money, and what the benefits would be. After the installation, which was as easy as you said it would be, I plugged it in, and to my wifes surprise, it exceeded her expectations. The next 30 minutes were spent in a lawn chair admiring how wonderful the fountain was. She is absolutely sold on not only the way it performs, and adds beauty to the pond, but for the health benefits to our 1/2 acre body of water. Thank you for such a wonderful, affordable product. I hope to enjoy the benefits of it for years to come. I have neighbors coming over tonight that are interested in a fountain for their pond. I am sure another order will be on its way to you soon. - Darrell and Bonnie N.

What a great mother's day gift!

My husband installed our fountain this weekend as my mother's day gift...all I can say is, "WOW"!! We were having a duckweed problem and after just a day, it's already looking better. I was skeptical about the time to install the fountain, but you were right. I couldn't have been easier. The kids are so excited to actually see our pond water again. Thanks for all of your help and guidance through the process of making this decision. What a great mother's day gift! - Deanne and Michael M.

Working Great!

I received the fountain yesterday. Its working great and we are both very pleased with its performance. Two neighbors have asked where I got it. Thanks for your cooperation. - Jon W.

Very Excellent Indeed

I am not sure how to post a review about your company but I want to tell you that you make an awesome fountain. Your customer support is also awesome. Thanks for a GREAT FOUNTAIN. EASY TO INSTALL!! Dave

And we have thousands more happy customers, but by now you get the drift. No customer is unhappy with our fountains or our service and we promise to keep it that way!

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