Big Pond Fountain or Lake Fountain EFS-3000 for 3 to 7 acre ponds

EFS-3000 Big Pond/Lake Fountain.

2 complete sets of spray heads in both 3 tiered and trumpet patterns (8 total) are included with this fountain.
Please select 'YES' if you want a GFCI breaker built into the control box. Select 'NO' if you already have a GFCI protector in the circuit.The GFCI breaker package option is an additional $330.00 which will be added to the total price at checkout.
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The EFS-3000 provides a large 30'H x 30'W fountain display in a 3 tiered, fanjet or trumpet pattern. The EFS-3000 fountain design is built using a combination of 3 each 1hp stainless steel submersible trash pumps mounted on a single float platform. Our EFS-3000 fountain is intended for use in natural and man made retention ponds from 2 to 4+ acres where maximum visibility and water aeration is required. The EFS-3000 is available for 230 volt, single phase hookup only. The EFS-3000 fountain comes 100% assembled and is ready to install and operate right off the shipping skid. We are now offering a version of this fountain with simplified controls. Please call Bill to discuss your application and for the reduced price on the EFS-3000/eco 3 hp fountain.

EFS3000 pumps:

The EFS-3000 is supplied with 3 each 1hp, 230v,1ph stainless steel submersible trash pumps. Our stainless trash pumps have 3 sets of seals instead of 1 set of seals like ordinary clean water pumps have. The 2 sets of internal silicon carbide on ceramic face seals and 1 outboard set of lip seals in the pump is why the pumps last so long. Our stainless trash pumps are not the cheapest pumps out there but they are likely the best pumps being supplied on any retention pond fountain available today.

EFS3000 Spray Heads:

The EFS-3000 includes 3 sets of spray heads (9 heads total) in 3 tiered, fanjet and trumpet patterns.

Additional underwater service cord:

Additional service cord is available on the EFS-3000 up to a max of 300', see details below.

Optional GFCI Breaker Package:

You can add a GFCI breaker package option for the EFS-3000 for an additional charge of $330. If selected each pump is provided it's own 15amp GFCI protected breaker in our control panel otherwise standard 15amp double pole NON-GFCI breakers are supplied.

EFS-3000 General Features:

Our EFS-3000 severe duty fountain is for lakes and big ponds from 2 to 4+ acres. The fountain has a spray size of 30'H X 30'W sprays in a fan-jet or trumpet pattern and is built using 3 each 1hp, 230 volt, 1ph, 60hz stainless steel trash pumps rated at a combined total of 270GPM. The EFS-3000 fountain is available only in a 230 volt model and it is rated 17FLA. The EFS-3000 is designed for severe duty applications in retention, drainage or newly dug ponds where sand & debris concentrations are high. The stainless trash pumps we use contain two sets of silicon carbide face seals and an outboard set of lip seals, 3 sets of seals total, for the ultimate in service life when operating in dirty or sandy water conditions. The EFS-3000 is a big impressive fountain and it is built using only Industrial grade components which will be beyond your expectations. The EFS-3000 is comparable to other manufacturers $8,000 to $10,000 fountains in the same size range. The fountain comes 100% assembled and all you do is float it and drop 2 anchors where you want it to stay, hook up the power and you're done. Installation for this fountain takes less than an hour and no special tools are needed. The EFS-3000 fountain is shipped by freight carrier, fully assembled and it weighs approx 280lbs. The EFS-3000 comes complete with 3 each 1hp stainless trash pumps, 150' underwater service cord, 8 circuit Intermatic control panel, 3 sets of spray heads, float platform and bottom plate protector. Everything you need is included and the only modification available for this fountain is to extend the cord length if required.

Additional cord is available up to a max of 300'. (Additional service cord price may fluctuate due to changing market copper prices.) Please call to order this fountain with extra service cord length. UPS Freight is additional. Shipping weight approx 280 lbs.

If you have questions or need more info call Bill at 800-351-8814 to discuss your application.

Fountain Specifications

150 Feet
Automatic Timer:
Full Controls
Spray Size:
25' x 40'
Pond Size:
3 - 7 Acres
Flow Rate:
258 GPM
Min Depth:
4 Feet At All Times
60 Minutes
2 sets of spray heads, FanJet & Trumpet
Water Quality:
Retention Ponds, dirty water
230 Volt only
Anchor Type:
Tethered or Anchored
3 Year Limited Warranty

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