Date added: 04/13/2017 BEWARE! ECO series fountains are back from the dead, again.

Date added: 04/04/2017 New Fountains at Stonebridge Community Assoc.

Date added: 02/08/2017 New EFL-250 lighted fountain at Ormond Outpost Sports

Date added: 01/16/2017 New EFS2000 fountain installation in Phillips 66 industrial process water pond

Date added: 04/21/2016 Reinstalling your fountain after winter storage.

Date added: 04/06/2016 "HOW TO" Mount your new fountain control panel

Date added: 03/16/2016 New LED lighting package for Eagle lighted fountain models

Date added: 07/28/2015 Eagle Fountains newest models EFS4000 and EFL450 launched in 2015.

We are excited to announce the 2 newest fountain models to our fountains lineup. The EFS4000 and EFL450 fountains are now in production and we have placed many of these new units at prestigious locations throughout the US in the first half of 2015. Some of the most recent applications for these new fountains include, Watkins Glen International Raceway in Watkins Glen, NY and several locations for Aspen Square management who is one of the largest upscale apartment and townhouse management companies in the nation. We have also placed these new models at High Point Performance Horses training facility in Texas, D A Alexander Company in Michigan and other business parks, HOA's and private residencies.

The new EFS4000 and EFL450 series is a departure from the standard pond fountain design incorporating easier installation, greater reliability, superior performance and serviceability. These new fountains utilize a combination of 4 each 1hp stainless steel trash pumps and a newly designed float platform. The fountain has multiple spray heads and spray heights are typically 40' high and 40' wide with a strong splashdown. The fountains are 230volt single phase power and are supplied with 150' of underwater service cable and all controls and switchgear included. The EFS4000 is an unlighted fountain and the EFL450 is the lighted version equipped with 6 surface mounted projection lights producing 500 watts of halogen focused beam illumination.

If you would like to discuss the suitability of the EFS4000 or the EFL450 for your pond/lake water feature application please call us at 1-800-351-8814. Spec sheets and installation information for these models is available upon request and all Eagle Fountains come with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Date added: 11/11/2014 The Importance of a Pond Fountain Warranty

So you've finally made the decision, and are about to proceed with the purchase of your pond fountain. There are many choices out there, and there is a lot to consider. One factor is what kind of warranty your new pond fountain will have. It is important when you purchase your pond fountain, that you know exactly what the warranty entails, and also, very importantly, situations that you need to avoid while maintaining your pond fountain. It is very common that anything construed as misuse or intentional abuse of the fountain or components will void all warranties.

As you search for the perfect pond fountain, feel free to contact us at Eagle Fountain Works, and we will be happy to answer any questions regarding our pond fountains and also any questions you may have about the warranty that comes with our pond fountains, pond fountain supplies and other products. You can also visit the pond fountain warranty page of our website for more information. We are confident that when you choose to purchase a pond fountain from Eagle Fountain Works, you will be thrilled with your decision. We look forward to hearing from you!

Date added: 10/15/2014 Pond Fountains: Oil-Less Pumps vs. Pumps that Contain Oil

Before purchasing a pond fountain, it’s important to educate yourself as to the quality of the many types of fountains available on the market. Today we’ll be talking about the differences between oil-less pumps and pumps containing oil.

Many fountain suppliers will proudly proclaim in their advertising that their fountain pumps do not contain any oil. They try to make it sound as if a pump with no oil is a good thing when in fact it is the worst thing they could say to someone knowledgeable about pumps and pond fountains.

Pumps that do not contain an oil bath generally have what is called lip seals. We have been in the pond fountain industry for more than 16 years and through personal experience we have learned that lip sealed pumps do not and will not last very long in dirty or cloudy pond water conditions. A lip seal is a stationary seal that is pressed into the pump housing and the shaft of the pump turns against the seal as the pump runs. When particulates from the pond water collect at the contact point between the seal and the pump shaft friction is created causing a “grinding effect” that wears a ring into the shaft surface. Once the shaft is worn down by this grinding effect then water migrates thru the ring worn into the shaft and past the seal into the pumps electric motor causing a major malfunction of the motor. There is no repair or recovery from this problem and the pump must be disposed of and replaced. Typical life expectancy of a fountain built using a sump pump with lip seals is about 1 to 1-1/2 years or less.

Alternatively, most industrial and commercial grade fountains built using submersible pumps contain high quality heavy-duty silicon carbide on ceramic face seals, rather than lip seals, and do contain oil. These industrial grade pumps contain a few ounces and up to a liter of common mineral oil. The purpose of the oil is not for lubrication but rather to keep these high-end seals moist and pliable. Silicon carbide on ceramic face seals are a two part seal with the outer half of the seal pressed into a pump seal housing and the inner half pressed onto the pump shaft so that when the shaft turns the two faces of the seal run against each other. In this type of pump there is NO FRICTION OR WEAR on the pump shaft from running against a stationary seal.

Silicon carbide on ceramic face seals are an industrial grade seal that creates a waterproof barrier between the water and electrical compartments in the pump. They are designed to handle your ponds dirty water conditions. The pumps we use in construction of our Eagle Fountains have not one but two sets of these silicon carbide face seals which means that your pump will last many times longer than a sump pump with lip seals in dirty pond water conditions.

Most fountain manufacturers today use “oil-less” sump pumps with lip seals to construct their fountains because the pumps are inexpensive allowing the manufacturer to maximize profits but these types of pumps are in our opinion not in the best interest of the end user for pond fountain applications. If you are shopping for a pond fountain and the suppliers’ pumps are advertised as “oil-less,” then realize that they are a one-use throwaway sump pump the same as you could buy at your local hardware store for about $50.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Date added: 09/17/2014 Pond Fountains: Clean Water vs. Dirty Water Fountains

If you are planning to install a pond fountain in your backyard or farm pond this year for aeration, algae control and aesthetics then evaluating the quality of the water in your pond is one of the most important factors to consider before choosing your fountain.

Some ponds have plastic or concrete liners and are primarily filled by well water to maintain the desired water level. These ponds are considered to be "clean water ponds".

A clean water fountain that is equipped with a common submersible sump pump will have a shortened lifespan in a retention pond application as these types of pumps are not designed for continuous duty in dirty water conditions. A sump pump will work fine for a varying period of time depending on the concentration of particulates in the water and then the seals will fail allowing water into the motor section, which causes the pump to malfunction. Most pump manufacturers do not recommend using sump pumps with “lip seals” in a pond fountain application and they will not warranty seal failure. Sump pumps are widely used on pond fountains because they are inexpensive. Most sump pumps are intended to operate only for the period of time necessary to pump water out of a flooded area like a basement. Sump pumps will give an acceptable lifespan when used in a lined pond filled with well water.

Most ponds fall into the category of “retention ponds”. A retention pond is primarily fed by rainwater runoff from the surrounding grounds and is considered to be a “dirty water pond”. When rainwater drains to a retention pond it carries particulates such as dirt, sand, clay and decayed organics into the pond with it. These particulates are what cause the pond water to take on a dark or cloudy appearance.

A dirty water pond fountain utilizes a submersible pump that is designed to handle dirty water conditions. A dirty water pump has a different seal configuration than a common sump pump and also uses a different type of impeller in most cases. A dirty water pump usually contains at least one set and often two sets of “silicon carbide on ceramic face seals”. Pumps that utilize this type of seal are found in many industrial applications and processes because of their ability to work in harsh and corrosive environments. Dirty water pumps with industrial seals will normally have 3 to 5 times the lifespan of a common sump pump in a retention pond. This is due to the industrial seals ability to withstand the sandblasting effects that occur inside the pump as the dirty water rushes thru the pump.

When selecting a pond fountain, make the ponds water quality a primary factor in determining which type of fountain is right for you. If you get a fountain that is designed to operate in your ponds water conditions for many years then your fountain experience will be a happy one, like it should be!

Date added: 05/29/2014 Eagle Fountains Announces New Pond Fountains For Salt Water and Heavy Nitrate Content Farm Ponds

Over the years Eagle Fountains has fabricated high quality fountains using trash pumps. These trash pumps are designed for dirty water retention pond applications and they are constructed of heavy-duty materials that enable them to withstand the tough duty of pumping dirty water.

While our trash pumps are excellent for fountains used in dirty fresh water ponds they like other pumps are susceptible to corrosion from salt or brackish water and in farm ponds with high nitrate concentrations from fertilizer runoff.

For years we have searched for a trash pump that would be able to stand up for many years in dirty water environments and also be corrosion resistant. That combination of features has been hard to find in one pump but we are pleased to announce that our continuing search has finally paid off. This past fall we were able to gain unlimited access to a new line of totally stainless steel trash pumps. We have incorporated these pumps into a new line of fountains that will debut on our website in spring 2014.

The new “SD” or severe duty series fountains will be introduced this year as the newest and most robust style fountains that we have ever offered. Check back for the launch of this new fountain line which will debut on our website in February.

Eagle Fountains Team 2014

Date added: 02/26/2014 HOA Pond Fountains

Many people these days live in communities comprised of a group of property owners organized as a non-profit Homeowners Association. At Eagle Fountains we deal with HOA organizations every day on fountains for community ponds in common areas like clubhouses, entranceways, retention ponds, etc.

It has been our experience that usually one or two of the residents are appointed by the HOA to research pond fountains for use in the community for the benefit of the group of owners. This can often be a challenging task if the researchers have limited or no practical experience with pumps. If the guys charged with making a recommendation to the group about what pump to buy for a dirty water environment get it wrong then the group can become very unhappy very quickly and it creates a hassle that no one wants or needs. Loss of money from continuous repairs, loss of aeration and aesthetic effect and loss of time due to scheduling to solve repair problems can be avoided by getting the right advice from an expert to begin with. At Eagle Fountains we strive to give you the best possible advice on getting the right fountain for your application, even if it is from our competitor.

If you have been charged with finding the right pond fountain product for your HOA community pond and you have questions then call us Toll Free at 1-800-351-8814 or 1-800-293-3937. We will be happy to listen to your questions and most importantly provide you with answers, at no charge!

Date added: 02/24/2014 Eagle Fountains Model EFL-350 Pond Fountain Now In Operation At The South Florida Fairgrounds

Eagle Fountain Works, Inc based in Ormond Beach, FL has recently completed a pond fountain project for The South Florida Fair & Palm Beach Exposition located in West Palm Beach, FL. An Eagle Fountains model EFL350 lighted fountain was fabricated and shipped to the customer on 1/7/2014 for installation at the main entranceway into the fairground complex. The scope of the project is to provide pond water aeration and aesthetic beauty to the feature pond at the facilities main entrance. The fountain installation is to be completed in January 2014 so that operation can commence prior to the upcoming 2014-event schedule at the fairgrounds. Thanks to all who participated in making this fountain project, like so many other pond aerators, pond fountains, and lake fountains, a success.

Date added: 08/14/2013 Pond Fountains: 24/7 Operation vs. Timed Operations

Do you know the strategic differences in a pond fountain designed for 24/7 operations versus operating it on a routine schedule? Many suppliers will claim that their pond fountains are designed and manufactured for continuous duty operation, in most cases this is true but what they do not tell you is continued operation of a pond fountain greatly shortens the lifespan of its pump. Most fountain suppliers use sump pumps in the construction of their fountains because they are inexpensive and maximize the manufacturers profits which is good for them but not for you. Sump pumps are designed to pump water from a flooded basement, which may take an hour or so, and then the pump turns off until the basement needs pumping out again. This operation on demand is typical of what a sump pump is designed for. When you put that same sump pump on a fountain in a dirty pond water application and ask it to run 12 to 14 hours per day or worse to run continuously 24/7 you can imagine the result. This is not what a pump is designed to do.

Running a pond fountain for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is just like running your washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, lawnmower or car continuously. It is common knowledge that if you run any appliance 24/7, its lifespan will be much shorter than if it was operating on a timed schedule when needed. Even refrigerators are designed to cycle on and off with the thermostat for optimal performance and service life.

At Eagle Fountain Works, we cannot stress enough the importance of scheduling routine downtime for any mechanical device. Downtime allows your mechanical devise to come to rest, prolonging the units’ lifespan under normal use conditions. Our suggestion is to operate pond fountains for 12 to 14 hours per day in order to accomplish the necessary aeration of the water while greatly prolonging the life of the equipment.

If you have any questions regarding operating schedules for your pond fountain, please contact our offices at 1-800-351-8814 and we will be glad to answer your questions!

Date added: 07/03/2013 Pond Fountains for Natural Stress Reduction

Did you ever notice how water fountains are a prominent fixture of town squares and other areas of congregation? We have to suspect, historically, that they served as a keeper of the peace, to minimize conflict and reduce the tension that may occur in a large crowd. The sound of running water is a universal stress reducer that provides an immediate relaxing effect. Think of oceans, and other meditative sounds of nature, and how you begin to unwind in their presence. This is one of the many reasons why people choose to add a pond fountain to their backyard settings.

With the visual beauty and tranquil, soothing sounds of moving water, an Eagle Fountain pond fountain will turn any aquatic garden setting into your own private oasis. Visitors to your home will be dazzled by the beautiful addition of a pond fountain to your landscape. Located in Ormond Beach, Florida, Eagle Fountain Works is family owned by 4 brothers who have been manufacturing affordable outdoor pond fountains and lake fountains since 1997. Our pond fountain prices are "factory direct", and our pond fountains packages are shipped to you 95% assembled. Installation takes 15 minutes and no special electric connection is required. In addition to the beauty and serenity they furnish, our pond fountains also provide aeration of stagnant waters to control algae bloom.

Now that the summer season is upon us, there could not be a better time to turn your backyard setting into the stress reducing paradise you always imagined it could be. We offer a wide selection of standard pond fountains and lighted pond fountains as well. Contact us for your pond fountain today, and we will help you get your zen on!

Date added: 07/02/2013 Community Pond Fountain Project Recently Completed

Eagle Fountain Works, Inc based in Ormond Beach, FL has recently completed a pond fountain production project for Rolling Hills HOA located in Kissimmee, FL. An Eagle Fountains model EFL350 lighted fountain was fabricated and shipped to the customer on 6/20/2013 for installation at the main entranceway into the Rolling Hill HOA community to provide pond aeration and aesthetic beauty to the feature pond at the entrance to the development. The fountain installation is to be completed on or before 6/30/2013 so that operation can commence prior to the upcoming 4th of July weekend. Thanks to all who participated in making this fountain project, like so many other pond aerators, pond fountains, and lake fountains, a success.

Date added: 12/13/2012 Why are fish dying in my pond?

Are you tired of dead fish washing up on the shore of your pond? The ponds’ fish may be dying due to suffocation from lack of oxygen. A simple solution is to install an aeration system in order to prevent oxygen depletion.

There are three benefits to installing pond fountains for water aeration in ponds:

1) Allows for water oxygenation

Unfortunately ponds fall victim to oxygen depletion throughout all seasons of the year but this can be prevented by the addition of a proper functioning aeration system such as a pond fountain.

2) Prevents stratification by mixing the water

Stratification occurs in a pond when surface water is heated by the sun while water beneath the surface remains at a much cooler temperature. Stagnant ponds are especially subject to temperature stratification and subsequent oxygen depletion. Without water movement the water layers varying in temperature will not mix and stratification occurs. Oxygen depletion in ponds is further created by the decomposition of organic materials at the bottom of the pond.

Stratification can cause suffocation of fish due to a lack of oxygen in the water layers. This suffocation of your fish can be avoided by installing a pond fountain to continually circulate and mix the waters layers. Mixing and circulating the water prevents development of an oxygen depleted bottom layer. Another added benefit of a circulation system is that they help control nutrients produced within the pond by harmonizing its trophic state.

Gradual turnovers occur during the fall while rapid turnovers transpire during warmer months of the year when storms are likely to occur. Fish are likely to be killed by rapid turnovers rather than gradual. Increasing the oxygen levels in your pond will also rejuvenate the natural bacteria in your pond whose job is to digest the decomposing organic material at ponds bottom. Without these natural bacteria in a healthy active state the bottom of the pond will develop layer upon layer of dead organics normally referred to as "muck".

3) Able to manage the ponds nutrients

As noted earlier, pond fountains circulate the water which provides a proper oxygen rich water environment for your fish year round. A fountain will also help undesired algae and aquatic weeds. If you have moss and /or weeds growing from the bottom of your pond we suggest also adding a dye like Aqua-Shade which will limit the penetration of sunlight to the bottom of the pond. This dye will prevent the moss and bottom weeds from carrying out natural photosynthesis and that over time will kill the unwanted vegetation. If treating a pond with chemicals like copper sulfate to kill algae it is recommended to only treat 1/3 of the pond at a time to limit the depletion of oxygen due to the decomposing organics.

If you have any questions about water aeration, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1-800-351-8814 or send an e-mail by filling out the contact form.

Date added: 10/10/2012 Standard Pond Fountain or Lighted Pond Fountain?

If you are looking for a pond fountain for your pond or lake which will you choose, a standard fountain or a lighted pond fountain? This could be a tough decision and really the only person who could answer this would be you!

Although we could not recommend which pond fountain is right for you, we advise you to see both options. A standard pond fountain can be a great addition to any pond or lake. A lighted pond fountain is very similar except for the fact that it is lighted. Both of these types of fountains are great choices!

We recommend you to check out our pond fountains models page. Here you can see many different pictures of all our stand pond fountain and lighted pond fountain models. We know whichever model you choose will be the perfect one!

Date added: 08/09/2012 Pond Fountains for an Outdoor Oasis

We love these great backyard ideas! Designed to be finished in a weekend or less, these 25 fun and easy projects can transform your backyard into the private oasis you always dreamed of. Can you say "staycation"! Another wonderful addition to your backyard oasis would be a pond fountain from Eagle Fountain Works.The visual beauty of moving water and soothing tranquil sounds will be sure to make your backyard oasis come to life. Our Pond Fountains are shipped complete and ready to operate, and installation is a snap! Visitors to your home will be dazzled by the beautiful setting you have created. Here is more information about our pond fountains and pond fountain supplies. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products.