Winterizing Your Eagle Fountain

Well it's that time of year again and the freeze for our Northern friends soon comes. Where you live in the country will generally dictate what you do with your fountain during winter months. Since conditions vary immensely, from the frozen tundra of Michigan to the mild tropical winters here in Florida and everywhere in between there are a few general rules of thumb to decide what's the best for your fountain. The following climate scenarios are offered as a guide to help protect your fountain investment during the cold winter months ahead based on where you live.


Our northern customers typically have the harshest winters by far here in the USA. If your pond freezes during the winter then by all means take your fountain out of the pond and store it in your barn or basement for the winter. Removal from the pond during freezing conditions assures that your fountain will be ready to go in the spring. BE SURE TO CHANGE THE 5 OUNCES OF MINERAL OIL IN THE PUMP EVERY YEAR. The only oil change port (drain & fill) is on the side of the pump near the bottom. DO NOT DISTURB ANY PORTS ON TOP OF THE PUMP, THEY ARE NOT OIL RELATED. Changing the pump oil is the only maintenance requirement for any model Eagle Fountain. The following states can have very cold winters and our customers in these states should strongly consider removing their fountain during the winter months. The Sates are;


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