Date added: 05/08/2018 2006 fountain prices still in effect through 2018!

Eagle Fountains has maintained our 2006 fountain pricing levels again through 2018. We continue to build the best heavy duty pond fountains in the industry and sell them today at the same prices that we sold them for in 2006. We have never sacrificed our quality of components or construction and with great cooperation from our suppliers we are still able to supply the best fountains with the best warranty in the fountain business. Over the past 20+ years we have never had a dissatisfied customer because being a family business owned by 4 brothers we take care of our customers just like they are family. It has been a great philosophy and people really appreciate the personal friendly service we provide not only at the time of sale but for all the years that follow.

No other company that we have found who builds fountains advertises that their fountains are for DIRTY WATER PONDS. The reason they don't say that is because their fountains are not designed to give many years of dependable service in rain fed retention pond applications like our Eagle Fountains are. When looking at other fountain manufacturers products see if you can find anywhere that they say their fountains are built with Stainless Steel Trash Pumps or that their fountains are designed for retention pond applications or salt water applications. You won't ever see that on any other site about any fountain except Eagle Fountains. If you want the best pond fountain your money can buy then give one of our pond fountain Pro's a call toll free at 800-351-8814. You will be happy, we guarantee it.

Eagle Fountains Team, 2018