Date added: 04/13/2017 BEWARE! ECO series fountains are back from the dead, again.

Over the past years there has been a so-called manufacturer of fountains on the web that has come in and gone out of business numerous times. This company sells a bunch of cheap fountains and when their components, mainly the pumps, fail in mass they simply close their doors, go out of business for a few months and then reopen under a different name. This is very unfair to their past customers as you might imagine as they have no where to turn and the warranty on the fountain they purchased is worthless and means nothing. In our opinion this is an extremely underhanded way to do business bordering on being nothing but a scam. When this company reopens under a new name, as they have again now in 2017, they seem to always carry forward the descriptor "ECO SERIES FOUNTAINS" in their advertising and they always seem to be near the top of the "pay per click" listings on GOOGLE because they are not in business long enough to get a listing in the regular organic GOOGLE search platform. Over the years we have been contacted by a great many of this companies past customers asking us to sell them our components so they can get their fountains running again but unfortunately what they bought was so cheaply made and light duty our components will not work with what they have.

Many people who are first time buyers of pond fountains focus on price which is the biggest mistake anyone can make when choosing a fountain. A cheap fountain is just that, "CHEAP". If a so called fountain manufacturer is selling fountains for a cheap price and making a profit on the sale then you can only imagine what kind of cheap components must be used to build the fountain. Pond water is tough on any pump and a cheap pump has no hope of lasting very long pumping dirty pond water.

There are several good companies who manufacture and sell pond fountains on the web who, like us, have been in the business for many years but there are also companies that, in our opinion, do not serve the best interest of their customers by going in and out of business over and over again to avoid warranty claims on their cheaply built fountains. Don't get ripped off!

We suggest that you carefully read any fountain suppliers warranty in full and understand what they cover, some companies claim to have long fountain warranties when in fact all the warranty covers is the float platform so read the warranty and understand it. Make sure the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, this will help you weed out potential problems before you buy. Eagle Fountains has had an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our entire existence. We are a family business and we treat our customers like family with fairness and professionalism and because we build such a heavy duty bulldog tough quality fountain we generally have no problems with our equipment but if you ever need help with anything regarding one of our Eagle Fountains we will be there to help.

The bottom line is buy your fountain from a reputable company, get a high quality fountain and you will enjoy your fountain experience.

Eagle Fountains Team 2017