Date added: 04/21/2016 Reinstalling your fountain after winter storage.

With the long winter season behind us many fountain owners are now reinstalling their Eagle fountains for the spring/summer season so we have a few tips to make the process go smooth and easy.

1. If you didn't change the mineral oil in your fountain pump when it was removed from the pond in the Fall then do it now. It's easy to do and performing this regular maintenance will insure that you get the maximum life from your fountain pump. The oil plug is on the side wall of the pump near the bottom. Remove the oil plug and dump out the old oil in the chamber. Next refill the pump through the same oil port with 5 ounces of mineral oil available from most any pharmacy. Pour the oil in slowly and do not overfill the pump reservoir.

2. Inspect the underwater service cord for any chew marks or other damage. If you see any cord damage or chew marks call us before submersing the cord. This can usually be repaired but the cord needs to be dry.

3. Check the stainless mesh filter cage and assure the clamp that holds the filter cage to be pump is secure. No need to over-tighten.

4. If not already in place then screw on the spray head that you intend to use. Hand tighten the spray head only, do not use pliers or a wrench.

5. Make sure the anchor rope is adjusted to provide 1' of slack when the fountain is deployed.

6. Plug the control box into an appropriate electrical connection for the fountain voltage, set the timer for the operating schedule you desire and enjoy your summer.

If you have any questions please call on of our fountain Pros at 800-351-8814. Thanks!

Eagle Fountains Team