Date added: 05/24/2017 FAQ: Can I get LED Lighting for My Eagle Fountain?

A: YES! Since 2016, Eagle Fountains has incorporated our new LED projection lighting package into all of our lighted fountain models. We wanted the best, so after years of searching for an LED light bulb suitable for operating in sealed fixtures and in wet locations, we located a lighting manufacturer in the USA that now produces an LED light bulb that meets our strict requirements. Our LED lighting package is now standard issue on every new Eagle lighted fountain.

The effect from the LED lights is a warm, white light that is very pleasing to the eye and is brilliant in its illumination of the fountain sprays. Besides the standard white, we also offer blue, amber, and red.

The new bulbs have an MR-16 base and because they burn much cooler, little to no condensate forms in the light fixture unlike the old halogen bulbs. The new LEDs have a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer and are compatible with any Eagle lighted fountain model produced within the past 20 years.

If you have any questions about our new LED lighting package, please call a member of our sales team at 800-351-8814. Thanks.