Date added: 04/06/2016 "HOW TO" Mount your new fountain control panel

It is important to mount the control panel for your new Eagle Fountain properly to avoid any unwanted problems. Typically the fountain controls are mounted at a location near the ponds edge. This can be accomplished by attaching the panel to a structure such as a gazebo or pump house or by planting a pressure treated 2"X6" board into the ground with a minimum height of 18" above ground to avoid water submersion in case of heavy rains.

It is not recommended to mount the control panel on a tree because ants, spiders and other bugs travel the tree trunk and can wind up making your control panel their new home. If you'd like you can spray the area around the control panel with Raid Max bug spray as it does a great job keeping the bugs away. You can repeat the treatment every month or so or as you see fit.

Use stainless screws to attach the control panel if possible as stainless holds up best in pond side applications.

If you have any questions regarding the mounting of your control panel please call one of our fountain Pros at 800-351-8814. Thanks.

Eagle Fountains Team