Date added: 05/29/2014 Eagle Fountains Announces New Pond Fountains For Salt Water and Heavy Nitrate Content Farm Ponds

Over the years Eagle Fountains has fabricated high quality fountains using trash pumps. These trash pumps are designed for dirty water retention pond applications and they are constructed of heavy-duty materials that enable them to withstand the tough duty of pumping dirty water.

While our trash pumps are excellent for fountains used in dirty fresh water ponds they like other pumps are susceptible to corrosion from salt or brackish water and in farm ponds with high nitrate concentrations from fertilizer runoff.

For years we have searched for a trash pump that would be able to stand up for many years in dirty water environments and also be corrosion resistant. That combination of features has been hard to find in one pump but we are pleased to announce that our continuing search has finally paid off. This past fall we were able to gain unlimited access to a new line of totally stainless steel trash pumps. We have incorporated these pumps into a new line of fountains that will debut on our website in spring 2014.

The new “SD” or severe duty series fountains will be introduced this year as the newest and most robust style fountains that we have ever offered. Check back for the launch of this new fountain line which will debut on our website in February.

Eagle Fountains Team 2014